About Us

Inspired by the prospect of a better tomorrow, PotDrum is an online media model that is a hybrid of citizen and professional journalism. We focus on stories that go missing from print and electronic media or may be scattered on the Internet, blogs and social media.  We rely on our strong ‘Contributors Network’ that crowd-sources information to highlight the good and curb the bad in the society, whilst professional contribution asserts expert views and opinions on a variety of different topics.

Our team is committed to gather, verify and distribute stories from the streets, the people and put them on display for the world to read. It is packed with features that help create a multiplier effect to the stories. It does not matter if you are reporting on politics, crime, corruption, culture, entertainment or anything in between. At PotDrum, we empower citizens to speak out speak loud.

Citizens contribute their stories having a positive or negative impact on society through e-mails, SMS and mobile messaging applications. Each story or report is verified and accordingly edited by our news team before being posted to ensure authenticity. PotDrum adheres to ethical work policies, which makes sure that the legitimacy of any news is not compromised while distancing itself from any unethical practices.

Together, PotDrum and the citizens can kick start change and paint a complete picture of the news.  Consider this an invitation to join us and thousands of other citizens just like you who are willing to speak out for change. Report now and be a part of our ever growing community.

Our Vision: To become THE trusted choice for citizens to report and stay connected with REAL news stories having an impact on our society.

Our Mission: To develop a media model that provides citizens with the opportunity to demand justice, equality and change for a better tomorrow.