Khyber Pass: The Symbol of a Nation

Kyber Pass is the oldest pass in the world
Through history Kyber Pass has been an imperative exchange course between Central Asia and South Asia. It has also served as a key military area in the region.

Khyber Pass is well known and famous landmark, a narrow and treacherous pass between Spin Ghar Mountains connecting Pakistan with Afghanistan. A crucial part of the larger ‘Silk Road’, the Khyber Pass is known to be one of the oldest passes and trade routes in the world. The summit of the pass is located at Landi Kotal inside Pakistan and is believed to be 5 Kilometers.

For centuries this area has been an integral part of any passing forces throughout the area. Forces led by the likes of Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan and Darius I were just some of the great armies that marched through this historic and crucial pass.

Throughout time the Khyber Pass has been controlled by the Pashtun clans Afridi’s and Shinwari’s. They have claimed that the Pass is their own historical reserve and as a result the government of Pakistan barely has any administrative control over the entire area. The tribes that control the area charge a toll for the people passing by to ensure safe passage.

Although since the breaking out of the US-Afghan war, this historical pass has been continuously been shut down and reopened for the public and numerous transportation companies that used the route for supplies.

Regardless of the political situation surrounding the area, Khyber Pass remains one of the most famous and beautiful landmarks inside Pakistan. Instantly recognizable by any Pakistani, its historical significance makes any political situation surrounding the area obsolete.