Thar Desert: A Land of Barren Beauty

Thar desert is located in Tharparkar and is known as the seventh largest desert in the world.
The Thar Desert, otherwise called the Great Indian Desert, is an extensive, bone-dry district located in Sindh, Pakistan and extends to parts of India.

Over the past years, the desert of Tharparkar (Thar), located in the province of Sindh, Pakistan has received very negative publicity. Largely due to the drought that took place and affected the people residing there. Access to water has remained a major issue in the area, the residents daily walk for miles in search of clean water. Apart from the problem that Thar faces it is also a tourist destination with beautiful desert landscape that is rarely reported in the media.

Thar Desert is actually the largest desert located inside Pakistan, third largest in Asia and seventh largest in the entire planet. An area of approximately 175,000 square kilometers is covered by this beautiful landscape. The desert even spills over into some parts of India.

Women daily walk for miles in search of clean water
The women of Thar walk daily for miles through the desert in search of clean water, as it is a highly scare resource in the area.

The word ‘Tharparkar’ has two meanings (words) combined into one. ‘Thar’ means desert and ‘parkar’ means the other side. The name was originally pronounced as two separate words, but became one word due to tourists not pronouncing them correctly. There is a rich multifaceted culture, heritage, traditions and folk tales due to a large population based in different religion, races and sects.

The only hills of the district, named Karon-Jhar, are in the extreme south-east corner of Nagar Parkar Taluka, a part of Thar. These hills are spread over about 20 kilometers in length and attain a height of 300 meters. Covered with sparse jungle and pasturage, they give rise to two perennial springs as well as streams caused after rain.

This beautiful land contains some seriously wallpaper worthy landscapes. Every Pakistani should go and see the beauty that lies within.