Editorial Code

Any and all contributors must abide by and adhere to the following editorial guidelines in order to be published.

Inspire to build a great community and encourage meaningful debates through our content.

Be accurate and honest while submitting any news stories. Never submit false news or information, we are liable to take strict action against any such contributors.

Do your best not to misrepresent the relative size, importance or even popularity of any subject that your stories are associated with.

Identify any and all sources accordingly. Viewers and readers are entitled to as much knowledge as we can provide on our sources and subjects, in order to remain authentic.

Try to avoid any and all conflicts of interest either real or perceived.

Aim to be completely transparent and try to disclose any unavoidable conflicts.

Potdrum.com has strict policies in place regarding plagiarism and will never publish any plagiarised news or information.

Potdrum.com may edit news stories where it deems fit for any reason. This may be due to grammar, punctuation, story structure along with numerous other issues that may require editing from our team.

Make sure to distinguish news and reporting from promotional and advertisement material. Do not cross the lines between them.

Any news or information that unjustly damages prestigious national institutions or creates havoc in the society without evidence will not be published. If a contributor is found to have any illicit or ulterior agenda while submitting, we reserve the right to alert law enforcement authorities at any time.

Avoid any and all types of profiling by a person’s race, gender, religion or ethnicity and stereo typing by sexual orientation, any disability and physical appearances or income disparity.

Use extra special sensitivity in the case of dealing with children and photos of any children.

Show extreme responsibility when reporting on any stories related to suicide.

Be extremely cautious about identifying any juvenile suspects or victims related to sex crimes. Be aware that the identification and/or naming of any juvenile suspects or victims related to a sex crime is illegal in some countries.

Recognize thoroughly that gathering and reporting any information may or may not cause harm to certain subjects and sources associated with it. Try to show compassion and responsibility for anyone who may be directly affected negatively through your reports. Keep the safety of any sources and all subjects above any other consideration; suggest anonymity at anytime when you are concerned that revealing the identity could lead to the harm of any associated source or subject.

If you do not wish for your name appear in the byline of an article. You can choose the option of ticking the “anonymous” box while submitting news stories through our website. If you are directly e-mailing the story to us please mention this in the subject line, if you are reporting through SMS or through any mobile messaging app, make sure to mention in the text. Also, if you report by directly calling our hotline, make sure to send a text clearly mentioning to publish your news or information as anonymous.

All anonymous news and information will be published by the title of CITIZEN.

Abiding by these guidelines will insure that the truth can be spoken without causing harm to any and all sources related to the content you will contribute.

Republishing Guidelines

The following are the guidelines that must be followed thoroughly when republishing any potdrum.com or its third party content that is published on the website, mobile site or application.

  • You must take direct written permission from potdrum.com as some/all information maybe third party content and not directly owned by PotDrum.
  • You must credit potdrum.com whenever due during republishing of any and all content that is published on the site.
  • You are free to share and comment potdrum.com’s news and information on any of your social media pages. However sharing any content for the purpose of profiting is strictly prohibited unless approved in writing by potdrum.com.
  • For any and all third-party content published on the site you must seek permission directly from the owner of the content.
  • If any member, user, third party or any other person(s) are found violating the republishing guidelines, potdrum.com will have all the right to take legal action in this regard.