1. How do I contribute news to potdrum.com?

You can upload content by creating a profile directly on our website. Other ways include e-mail:news@potdrum.com, SMS, Whatsapp, LINE, Viber, phone call (+92-322-2181971) and you can even send us a direct message on Twitter or Facebook (Insert hyperlink). You can even tag us in a status update or #potnews and we will take care of the rest.

  1. What are the republishing guidelines?

    Direct permission, from potdrum.com or anyone who owns the copyright to the content that you wish to republish, is required. For a complete list of our republishing guidelines please check out our guidelines. (Insert hyperlink)
  1. Why should I contribute to potdrum.com?

    The only reason we created potdrum.com is so the citizens of this country can have their voices heard and become a stepping stone in the path to change. So, if you have a story that you want the world to hear, contribute.
  1. How to approach for advertising, partnership, collaboration and other inquiries?

For information regarding any nuts and bolts or anything in between, send an email to info@potdrum.com.

  1. How does potdrum.com help in distributing news and information?

Our main source of distribution is our website, potdrum.com. We are developing wide range of features that help us distribute the news and issues regarding our society. There are also multiple social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter and through our weekly newsletter.

  1. How can you submit new stories as anonymous?

If you wish to submit a report that requires caution, you can always opt for our anonymity report, this will allow you to speak freely and the credit will be given to “Citizen” in the byline.

  1. How does potdrum.comdiffers from other news blogs, portals and websites?

Potdrum.com is much more than a website; we empower our citizens to report and expose issues that will help make our society a better place. Potdrum.com is all about citizen journalism.

  1. How did the name PotDrum come into existence?

The name comes from an idea of collecting and spreading. The “Pot” is where all of our voices and stories are kept in one place and they beat like the “Drum” spreading through all nooks and corners. The name brings together an idea for a society that is transparent and beneficial to its people.