Before becoming a contributing member and voice for change at you should take a minute or two to read through our contribution guidelines.

Our aim at is to emphasize the good in our society, whilst curbing the bad that underlines our community; we believe that hearing the story directly from the people can set a precedent for a more responsible and responsive society.

Anyone can become the voice for change and contribute at News, opinions, special reports and anything in between, along with pictures, video or audio can be uploaded and shared with the world in just a matter of minutes. We want the citizens of this country to focus on issues that are surrounding our daily life.

You can contribute to directly from our website, SMS, phone call, Whatsapp, Viber, LINE (+92-322-2181971), email You can even send us a direct message on Facebook, Twitter, tag us (PotDrum) on a status update and/or use the hash tag #PotDrum.

Contributors’ guidelines is an invitation to stand up for our rights, ethics and value. Daily, people share stories and report on the events happening all around them and personal opinions about issues and headlines that affect them. And every day, the community helps promote change and spread awareness throughout the land. We also strive to highlight the good that influence people to make a better tomorrow.

For this to work as it is supposed to, we all need to operate under certain guidelines and principles:

  1. Who’s invited?

You must at least be 16 years old to contribute.

  1. What kinds of content or stories are allowed here? is a place where you can post news stories and reports of events near you, or your own opinion on issues that are making headlines. There are a few things every news/report should have in common:

  • Your reports should consist of your own words, images, or at least those that you have acquired the rights for. Notify and give proof of rights when asked by
  • It’s true and accurate. Reports should be about actual events, or actual opinions based on events. It does not count as news if you make it up.
  • It’s exclusive and will generate interest. The greatest reports teach us something that we did not know or start a completely fresh discussion.
  1. What if the story is too difficult to bear?

More often than not a story that has real news value can be very hard to comprehend. If you’re contributing material you feel may be too difficult for more sensitive audiences and you do not want it to be publish by your name simply check the “anonymous” checkbox or mention it to us in writing we will post it as ‘Citizen’.

Please also note what is not permitted.

What isn’t welcome?

  • Material/Content that violates someone’s copyright.
  • Material that you know to be false or untrue.
  • Spamming, or constantly repeated uploads that will flood with duplicates of the same or similar content.
  • Nudity or anything containing sexually explicit material.
  • Obscene/lewd material or abusive language.
  • Content that advocates and incites violent behavior.
  • Content that contains gruesome images of killing or physical abuse/torture that appears to have been captured solely for exploitive, hurtful or gratuitous purposes.
  • Content that encourages dangerous, illegal or even predatory acts or simply poses a reasonable threat to anyone’s personal or public safety.
  • Hate Speech including racially or ethnically offensive material.

We will review everything before posting and if found to violate these guidelines, you will be banned from contributing on