A young Pakistani developer creates Chappal Strike 1.6 app for Android users

Chappal Strike 1.6
Picture via Play Store

Shayan Saghir, a final year student at National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences in Karachi, turned the last month’s Islamabad protest into a fun game called Chappal Strike. The gaming application is inspired by the incident of throwing chappals at the Pakistan Army helicopters by the angry supporters of a religious party.

However, the young developer has explicitly stated that the game is humorous and is intended for only fun purposes. The application includes hilarious vocabulary such as Sawab that refers to Points, Khel Khatam that refers to The End and Dobara Laga that refers to Play Again.

Chappal Strike 1.6
Picture via Play Store

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The game is developed keeping in mind the legendary PC First Person Shooter game. The users will love the app that promises to blow helicopters with the precise projectile chappal shots.

The application is available to PC and Android users. The game has already been downloaded over 500 times without any marketing efforts while the review score is an impressive 4.9 based on 71 reviews on Play Store.

Let the Chappal games begin!