Cafe Bogie: At Your Service!

Cafe Bogie
Picture via social media page.

Something or the other is happening in Karachi. From the time you land to the time you fly to another world. What you miss the most are the never ending adventures the city has to offer.

Another experience is added to the list of things one can do in the metropolitan city. A new venture that has taken Karachiites by storm is Cafe Bogie. There might be unlimited entries in town but the new concept of having a dinner on a Pakistani railroad car is catching up with the locals. Visitors are being amused by the idea of real train compartments or coaches in the city innovatively transforming into a restaurant.

Lahore Bogie
Lahore compartment at Cafe Bogie.

Cafe Bogie is stationed at the City Railway Station. It comprises of four compartments labelled Lahore, Sahiwal and Multan. The kitchen has a pizza oven in the fourth section. The bogie is well maintained giving the original charm of a train. The old railroad car is sanctioned by the Pakistan Railways as the train is no longer good for service. It is instead converted into a restaurant giving revenue to the government that is charging Rs. 200,000 a month as rent for the occupancy.

Cafe Bogie's outside seating
Extra seatings are placed at Cafe Bogie due to overwhelming response by Karachiites.

The cafe is open from noon to midnight on weekdays and from noon to 1 am on weekends. The menu is limited for now with sandwiches and pizza but the management hopes to start barbeque soon as the business is picking up since the opening few weeks ago. The cafe is decorated with framed pictures beautifully enhancing the ambience of the eatery. While LED lights are giving just the right lit up. The waiters and chefs, all wearing parrot green t-shirts are matching rightly with the set environment. There is ample seating however if you’re not lucky to grab a place inside then you can easily find comfort on the tables and chairs with umbrellas placed outside the bogie. Car service is also available for those who prefer to enjoy the Cafe Bogie view from the comfort of their own vehicles. The waiters dressed as porters in a long red shirt and turban are busy in taking orders from the car customers.

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The new cafe in town is a jaw-dropping concept and an instant hit with anyone who has visited the place. Many people have never travelled by train and it is a good experience actually to sit in one while enjoying snacks like you’re on a moving train, said Faizan Ali, a recent visitor to Cafe Bogie.