Justin Trudeau’s Ramadan message and wishing Nawaz Sharif a speedy recovery

Justin Trudeau
File Photo

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, belonging to the Liberal Party of Canada just won the hearts of Muslims not just in his home country but the world over.

The 23rd Prime Minister of Canada and the second-youngest Canadian prime minister is known to be a man of diversity, compassion, equality, honesty and above all a man of justice. He received popularity when he gave statements to unite different ethnicities residing in Canada and also when he warmheartedly welcomed refugees from worn town Syria.

At the start of the Ramadan, he issued a statement and a video that congratulated and wished the Muslims of Canada a happy Ramadan.

Justin Trudeau didn’t just stop at that but he also joined Muslims in the first Iftar of the holy month of Ramadan.

Also, a member of the Canadian parliament shocked everyone by declaring that he fasted last year with the Muslim community for a charity called Give 30, and the benefits he felt is the reason he will be fasting again this year.

On the contrary in Pakistan, leaders travel abroad in the months of the summer to get away from the heat while the poor are left to die in the prolonged load shedding hours. From a past few years, summer is coming in line with Ramadan, but the trend is continuing among the affluent lawmakers. In our country, sectarian violence, ethnic differences, and violence continue to plunge the society due to failing socio-economic conditions. Our leaders have done little to curb differences, and our new generation is growing with even more hatred and with the limited knowledge that is affecting our already disturbed societal behaviour.

Early this year, Pakistan’s National Assembly adopted the resolution to declare Holi, Diwali, Easter, and Christmas as national holidays to give more rights to the minority. While this is a step in the right direction, it is certainly not enough. Our policies and laws falsely implicate non-Muslims and also sects other than Sunni Muslim giving them limited access to justice and making them more vulnerable to unsolicited discrimination.

While we wish our Prime Minister a speedy recovery in London, things back home need a thorough check-up and an operation that should not only be targeted to curb terrorism but for unity, faith and discipline. It was introduced and adopted as a national motto by our founding father, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. But sadly today we are lost in the money making, power struggle and a dismal democratic structure that is making our society a hostage of its own freedom.