Pakistanis happier than India on the 76th Pakistan Day

Pakistan Day
Pakistani happier and securer on the 76th Pakistan Day.

On March 23, the nation celebrated the 76th Pakistan Day. The auspicious day marked a renewed commitment to eliminate terrorism, achieve economic growth and more importantly to have political stability for a prosperous Pakistan.

The Lahore Resolution of 1940, demanding a separate state for the Muslim minority in India sets the basis of March 23rd each year. The day started with a 31-gun salute in Islamabad and 21-gun salutes in provincial capitals. Also as per custom special prayers were offered nationwide for the progress and unity of the country.

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This year’s Pakistan Day stands out at least in comparison with the last decade. Pakistan once viewed as a country harbouring terrorism and offering safe havens to terrorists despite its unparallel contribution in eliminating terror outfits. Today a lot has changed especially from within because the citizens trust and support the establishment. A relationship which is stronger than before. In view of the army operations such as Zarb-e-Azb and Karachi Operation, terrorism and violence have decreased by 70 percent a feat that is crowned on the present Army Chief General Raheel Sharif.

According to a survey, Pakistanis are happier than their counterparts in India. Out of a total 157 countries, Pakistan came in at 92 while India was placed at 118.

Also, bold moves by the government in regards to the minority rights, the recent passing of women protection bill of Punjab and curbing religious extremism have made the country just and a lot secure than before. Although the religious parties are opposing whole heartedly and a backlash may be inevitable, but at least, the majority of Pakistan is thinking on the right lines. The hanging of Mumtaz Qadri is a testament to the fact that no one can hold Islam hostage and definitely, no one can misrepresent it in public view.

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The nation celebrated the day with full zeal and various organisations, political and religious parties held functions to honour the day. Moreover, the Pakistan Day was honoured worldwide by Pakistan Mission and overseas Pakistanis who arranged different activities including photo exhibitions, fairs and concerts.