Prime Minister Panama Paper and La La Land

Nawaz Sharif
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As a child, I was made to hear the heartwarming speech of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, delivered at the Constituent Assembly of Pakistan. My grandparents would continuously go on to tell me that how lucky my generation is to be born in an independent country where there is no discrimination, no distinction between one community and another, no discrimination between one caste or creed and another. Furthermore, that I am lucky to enjoy life in a country whose fundamental principle is that all citizens are equals and are free to go to their Temples, Mosques, Churches or any other place of worship in the State of Pakistan. Quaid-e-Azam profoundly stated, “you may belong to any religion or caste or creed – that has nothing to do with the business of the State.”

These constant reminders of how beautiful Pakistan is made me the proudest child and my will to be the best Pakistanis was inspired by a great man called Muhammad Ali Jinnah. The man who gave freedom and laid justice as the cornerstone of a country that lost millions to unite hundred of millions under one supreme state, Pakistan.

However, over time I have lost the passion and zeal I once had for the country. There are not just a few reasons but multiple ones that have made me cold towards my own nation. After spending almost a decade abroad and getting tuned to the systematic working of the state, the thought provoking corruption in Pakistan sends a shiver down one’s spine. The corruption is far spread without any shame at every government department and at every level from Peons to Secretaries to Ministers and all the way to our great Prime Minister Mr. Nawaz Sharif.

Since the Panama Papers, the Prime Minister have used more resources to safeguard himself and his family than to focus on the terrorism epidemic and economic hardships faced daily by the citizens. The constant foreign travels and booming business deals not favouring the country, but his businesses abroad leaves at least 180 million Pakistanis at a risk of one day looking for a possible bailout. Slowly and gradually, in reality, the foreign reserves are at a decline, debts have increased by three folds, and the brilliant idea of Euro bond has put more pressure on Pakistan to pay interest than the money received from selling it.

Let us assume if Nawaz Sharif is not involved in aggressive tax avoidance and benefitting from offshore companies than his children are guilty of robbing the nation and the national exchequer. It could not be possible that he was aloof along of what his children were up to. Nonetheless, the law needs to prevail in all of this and if the probe cannot be done of the Prime Minister than his children should be brought to justice. Hussain Nawaz Sharif stated that he has not done business in Pakistan and is not liable to pay taxes. This matter should also be investigated that if his roots are strongly embedded in Pakistan and Nawaz Sharif have tons of factories and businesses in the country then why on earth would Hussain not benefit for all of this?

Our lenient judiciary needs to take action without any pressure or biases. Refusal of several judges to lead an inquiry into the matter clearly indicates how fabricated the whole process has become. Why can we not hold our servicemen responsible of wrongdoings? Why can we not challenge the current system and why can we not get justice in a society whose basis was equality, morality, and justice.

I have concluded that Pakistanis are not hardworking people but those who seek an easy way out – afraid of fighting injustice and to narrow minded to see above their personal gains. We don’t like Pakistan and how things are evolving so what do we do we run away to a country offering better prospects but never truly owning us. The tag of an immigrant will forever be the front lines and hard work abroad will only benefit those who are primary in a country that you will always remain secondary. Staying put and fighting for the betterment of your own country might seem like a task, but milestones are not achieved in a day and rewards will surely be bigger than our imaginations.

While I am sure that Nawaz and company will get a clean chit soon by the rigorous working of the investigation team (if one actually exists) or even better if the investigation team directly reports to the Prime Minister would get to the conclusion soon. Whether Nawaz Sharif is a part of this or not there are no two thoughts on that his children are involved and until an independent inquiry is not conducted the Premier will have to resign in view of allegations.

In the meantime Pakistanis are sleeping and should only be awakened once the Prime Minister completes his 1000 trips in his 5 years term in the government to places in the La La Land.