Top 5 accomplishments that deserved #ThankYouRaheelSharif

General Raheel Sharif
This year Pakistan’s Chief of Army Staff General Raheel Sharif topped the list of best military commander generals in the world. The list was published by ABC News Point.

General Raheel Sharif is by far the most popular and trusted army official of Pakistan. Born in Quetta to a Rajput family Raheel Sharif is the son of (late) Major Rana Muhammad Sharif, who hailed from a town in Gujrat, Kunjah. He possesses exemplary bravery and courage due to his strong army background which includes two recipients of Nishan-e-Haider. One his eldest brother Major Rana Shabbir Sharif, a martyr of Indo-Pakistani War of 1971. Second his maternal uncle Major Raja Aziz Bhatti, a martyr of Indo-Pakistani War of 1965.

Upon becoming the 15th Chief of Army Staff, he already had an unyielding agenda to strengthen Pakistan while cornering and eliminating terrorism in the country. His close aides see him as the toughest and strongest of the Army chiefs that have served Pakistan. In 2015, rumours started to pour in that he will extend his tenure as the Chief of Army Staff but he was quick to put them aside by stating that he will retire as per plan in November 2016 and also that he has no interest in the political ecosphere of Pakistan. Since taking up the office on November 29, 2013, General Raheel Sharif has achieved some of the most significant accomplishments that earned him the title of the most powerful Army Chief in the world.

Top 5 accomplishments that deserved #ThankYouRaheelSharif

1. Karachi Operation

Karachi Operation
Karachi Operation has seen a significant decline in Terrorist Activities. 69% decrease in Target Killing, 85% reduction in extortion and 90% drop in kidnapping activities across the city.

2. Zarb-e-Azb

Zarb-e-Azb Operation
Over 8,000 terrorist eliminated in light of Zarb-e-Azb bringing down terrorist activities by more than 60% in Pakistan.

3. Operation against political parties

Big targets MQM and PPP
General Raheel Sharif is the man behind the accountability in the country. He not only cornered and eliminated small gangs and mafia in the country. But he also made sure that political wrongdoings were punished. The biggest catch to date remains Dr. Asim Hussain, Chairman of Higher Commission of Sindh.

4. Playing a vital role in economic growth

China-Pakistan Economic Corridor
General Raheel Sharif’s unconventional support to the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is the main driver to future prosperity that the country will one day enjoy. Pakistan Army is providing full proof security to the CPEC, playing a vital part in the economic growth of the country.

5. Accountability within the ranks

Accountability within the army ranks
General Raheel Sharif has not even spared its own and has sacked at least 12 army officers due to corruption charges. He also vows to bring the culprits of the DHA Valley scam to justice.

General Raheel Sharif’s list of Awards and Decorations

General Raheel Sharif's list of Awards and Decorations
PS: The picture of Turkish Legend of Merit award is not original.