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Death of a young Kashmiri at the hands of the Indian Army
Kashmir Lives Matter - File Photo

Eyesight is a blessing we all cherish, but when it is lost it gives one a feeling of losing his entire universe. Unfortunately, scores of young Kashmiri boys and girls have lost their vision in the past weeks and apparently the media has also lost the count of the toll.

In Kashmir be it rich or poor, everyone is protesting against the atrocities committed by the Indian Army. But the biggest targeted group belongs to downtrodden sections of the society.

Generally speaking of Kashmir, it is a heaven in terms of beauty and the people that reside in the area. By nature Kashmiris are ordinary, simple and peace loving people. However, because of years of political turmoil, they have become cold towards India and its policies, but not towards the residents of India. Fear is a concept Kashmiris have learned to live with every day. The fear inside the state and outside (of being called traitors and unthankful people), but this is so embedded in their lives that it practically seems normal. They have known no other way of living. Nevertheless, those Kashmiris that visits other states realise how different it is to live in their homeland with the daily human rights violations committed by Indian Army that should be fair to all. The people in rest of India live freely with no fear of the government or the armed forces. They are treated with utmost respect and their lives matter unlike the lives of Kashmiris.

Although it’s time not to get dehumanized because every human’s life matters. Similarly, the Kashmiri lives matter too!

Enough is Enough! No More Deaths

The Kashmiris protest because human lives matter. The lives of the youth, women, and children in Kashmir matter. The sickening cycle of the everyday killing of Kashmiri civilians accompanied by tainted sound and fury of celebratory jingoism in the Indian media must stop too.

Finally my message to Indians who judge and see Kashmir through the biased and jingoistic media, please look further, please look for the truth. Talk to any ordinary Kashmiri and he or she will tell you the pain, injustice, and indignity that people continue to suffer because of the conflict and human rights violations in Kashmir by the Indian Army.

Kashmir is not an economic problem nor an issue related to good or bad governance. But it is a political dispute that needs a dignified solution. The Kashmiris should be taken on board to resolve disputes, and the majority rule of law should be applied to the State of Kashmir. Their decisions should be respected and acknowledged by everyone.

Moreover, the demand for the resolution of the dispute should not only be of the people of Kashmir, but it should also be of every liberal and peace loving citizen of India and South Asia. Because the settlement of the Kashmir issue is crucial for the long-lasting peace in the entire South Asian region.

Finally, to those who may disagree with me, I quote John Lenon: “You may say I am a dreamer, but I am not the only one. I hope some day you will join us and the world will live as one.”