Life Means Struggle “Nah karo gay tou har jaogay”

Ranjeet Kumar

Since childhood, my family always compared me to my elder brother who wanted to be a doctor. He was considered to be far more intelligent than me. My father used to give his examples and never actually understood what I wanted in my life. Therefore, I developed a very low self-esteem.

In the small towns and villages of Sindh in particular Pano Akil, the children are taught and trained to think that the Metropolia are not the place to live.

I was not the brightest student and was always termed as a struggling learner. In all that years I came across only one person who believed in me and envisioned me to be a highly educated person that was my teacher in the Pathshala (religious institute). He was a source of inspiration to me at the time because he had seen failure and faced many hardships with determination. His never ending spirit to achieve his dreams gave a whole new meaning to my life.

He used to say that Ranjeet I see the fire in you that will make you fly above and beyond.

I have witnessed several ups and downs in my life but never gave up on my dreams. I never dreamt of being a billionaire, but to pursue the education which I wanted to evolve as a good human being. My father couldn’t even afford the fees of a government school. I remember that the cost per month was Rs. 950 and my dad was able to pay only Rs. 200. I started giving tuitions to meet my educational expenditure and my struggle for the survival began from that moment.

I always had the will for quality education that would change things for the good. I as a human being wanted to impact lives of those who had almost lost the hope. These attributes were instilled in me because I could not afford the education expenditure in Karachi, so I got a loan of Rs. 13,600.

I had wasted three and a half years of my life just to know why was I created for this world. The answer that I got was to learn and educate the most deserving. I am a firm believer in changing personalities and thinking rather than grades on a mark sheet.

I function on the philosophy that whatever mind perceives, it achieves – no matter what! And in the end, I would say that “Never underestimate the power of dreams and the influence of the human spirit. We are all the same in this notion: The potential for greatness lives within each of us.”

Wake up every day with a mission to give your best shot to reach your goals because life without goals in not worth living.