Meet the 23 year old Pakistan’s first mainstream beatboxer

Asfandyar Junejo
Picture via Asfandyar Junejo's social media page.

Asfandyar Junejo (AYJ), The Noise Machine, was born and bread in Hyderabad, Pakistan on January 8, 1993. He is the first mainstream beatboxer in the country.

His early education was in County Cambridge School, at the age of 15 AYJ discovered the art of beatboxing on television that was soon picked up by him in becoming the new beatbox sensation in Pakistan. Every day AYJ used to practice his beatboxing skill in pursuit of one day performing on a national stage. It would be wrong to think that his dedication to this art went in vain, at the end of 2008 AYJ migrated to Karachi for more exposure as he knew music had no future in a small town like Hyderabad. In 2009, AYJ gave auditions in Karachi for Sahir Lodhi show where he was selected for a show with the star at TvOne. Undoubtedly he was selected because of his unique talent, at his very first show, he did pretty well and amazed the crowd. Sahir Lodhi was compelled to call him on another show after that he was sighted by MTV and was called to perform live at MTV Basant festival with Dino and Ali Safina. He was later called on FM 91 for a live interview with Dino alongside Ali Ansari and Shahzad Saleem.

Asfandyar the only well-known beatboxer in Pakistan since then never looked back and performed at numerous gigs and events. From underground music scene to mainstream media, he even featured in a Pakistan-India collaboration, you name it, and The Noise Machine has done it. The collaboration was back in 2014 when he did a track with Maati Baani, which featured Komal Rizvi and Omran Shafique alongside many other artists from both the countries. This peace project was called Rang Rangya which became an instant hit and added to AFY’s popularity.

Those who have somehow missed out on this great talent can know more about him through his social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube).