What National Hospital Defence Lahore did to me and my family

National Hospital Defence
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I’m from Karachi originally, but I’ve been living in London for a long time. My family moved to Lahore around 15 years ago. I’m in Lahore, visiting my very ill mother. Went to the emergency at National Hospital DHA Lahore and this is what happened to me.

I was kidnapped, abused, dragged on the streets and locked by the security in lady’s toilet by the head of management “Colonel Saab ” of National Hospital Defence Lahore. The national hospital has bribed media and police both and has shown them some footages that I haven’t seen and told them I am insane, so they don’t listen to me. I didn’t do anything I went there for a treatment they refused to treat me like they did to my elderly mum three months ago after telling us her kidneys are badly damaged but we were not allowed to ask any questions, so I started recording them but Dr. Cheema walked out of the room and called a huge male security guard and told us to leave. The Colonel Saab first harassed me abused me threatened me then snatched my phone deleted the VIDEO I recorded then refused to treat me & kept me hostage in that dirty little room for hours, then a fat noon league woman just barged inside the room and started abusing me for unknown reasons , called me a bitch n when I swore back she slapped me then called her bull looking, goon son with ten more “gundas” who threatened to kill me and said strange things in Punjabi & ordered me to go and sit in a corner. They said I would not walk alive out of this hospital and snatched my phone deleted the evidence of Doctor refusing to treat me and told the staff to put me to sleep through injection if I try to call anyone.

I’ve only seen this kind of situation in Hollywood movies or TERRORISING AGENCIES WHO MANHANDLE AND TORTURE.

I am in a state of shock I’m home now but so scared for my mother who’s very very ill and almost 70 years old.

They killed my brother in the same hospital ten years ago. He could’ve been treated, but the doctors just gave up.

I’m surprised our very vibrant, over-active, hyperventilated media is usually everywhere but when govt institutes are involved and when torture, kidnapping, kidnapping, dragging two human beings like lifeless objects on the streets in public is being done, no one even cared! That’s why I contacted you and I want you to share my story.

I don’t feel safe because everyone seem to be misguiding me and then scaring me and confusing me whoever I ask for help!

DHA officer put me on rickshaw and I got home but ever since then I’ve been trying to get my FIR registered but police is not doing so even after vice councillor from British high commission spoke with the police, they have delayed my medical so all the bruises are gone, went to police station but he jotted down few lines n told me the printer is not working.

Today the SHO visited me after many plights but didn’t write down any statement in fact spent time watching television and speaking on the phone then left saying if the services hospital which he promised to send me to, decides the bruises are not good enough to press charges then they can’t make the FIR but my issue is not bruises but the cause of bruises, harassment , unlawful detention, man handling, snatching my personal belongings against my will, getting me harassed by a fat woman who claimed to be Noon league worker, her goon son n his gang , deformation …. What do I do , I can’t allow this to happen to another human being.

HELP !!!

I think this story should come out so it doesn’t happen to anyone else, about them coming after me and my family is quite a possibility in fact is inevitable, I was hoping that if a humans rights organisation like yours gets involved they would at least think a little before killing or kidnapping us.

As they will know I have blown the whistle.

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