Afghan Security Forces injures one soldier and nine civilians at Torkham

Torkham Border Crossing
File Photo

Pakistan Army was attacked last night at the Pak-Afghan border at Torkham. The incident took place around 2120 when the Afghan Security Forces resorted to unprovoked firing at Torkham Gate resulting in an injury of a Pakistan Army soldier.

Quickly, the Pakistani jawans got organised and held their position fighting back aggression from the Afghan side of the border. For millions of Afghans and terrorists, Torkham is the main crossing point to Pakistan. The incident is in regards to the construction of a gate on the Pakistan side of the border, which is being built to check unwanted and illegal movement of terrorists through Torkham. The incident not only injured a soldier but also wounded nine Pakistan civilians that have been taken into army care due to severe injuries.

Afghan Security Forces aggression
Shelling from the Afghan Security Forces.

Following the episode, curfew has been imposed in the area of Landi Kotal. Also, all vehicles crossing the border are stopped near Takhta Baig check post until things get back to normal. Pakistan at the moment is caught up in a danger game having threats from three sides of its borders and a mission to save guard CPEC for the larger interest of the country. Resources are limited, and enemies are in abundance at home and outside. Therefore, at this hour of need, the nation have to stand shoulder to shoulder with its armed forces and support General Raheel Sharif, who is the real game changer for Pakistan.