Karachi sees 20.5% increase in street crime in the first 10 days of Ramazan

Street Crime in Karachi
Street crime in Karachi is not limited to just mobile phone snatching, robbing people of their car parts is also a lucrative business.

Street crime is no stranger to Karachi and its residents. Karachi operation that started almost three years ago has given some relief to the citizen, but law enforcement agencies have failed to curb street crime that includes gun crime and snatching locals of their valuables.

In Ramazan each year, such offences take a toll because people carry huge sums of cash for shopping and charity purposes. Ramazan a month for exercising patience, giving to the poor and submitting oneself to God is seen as a month of huge business by criminals in the city.

The data released by Citizens-Police Liaison Committee show 20.5% rise in street crimes compared to the statistics before the holy month of fasting. This is just the reported percentage the actual percentage increase in snatching could double if non-reported incidents are estimated.

In first ten days of Ramazan 405 mobile phones and 806 motorbikes were taken off by criminals in snatching and theft incidents. The sudden jump in crime rate despite Rangers led operation is a worrying factor for the residents of Karachi. Last year in the same period the situation was much better that resulted in the record-breaking retail business of over Rs. 70 billion for Eid celebration, setting a 10-year high record.

Despite increased patrolling by the Police and the Rangers cemented check posts, street crimes have not been curbed adding to the woes of the public. The social media groups have been quite active in broadcasting prevailing law and order, at times video and graphical images are also presented in the hope of action. Nonetheless, neither there is any action, nor any of the authorities are bothered to solve such grave issues that are hampering the progress of the city.

Also, four citizens have lost their lives in snatching incidents. Including, a resident of North Nazimabad, who was shot in the head when he put up some resistance in front of the mobile phone snatchers. Kidnapping and target killing further grips Karachi and the comprehensive plan floated almost three years ago do not have a strict check today.

The Sindh Police, who should primarily be looking into the matter have become a secondary force for protection in the city. On the other hand, Rangers in Karachi are more focused on curbing terrorism-related incidents. Therefore, residents are usually left at the mercy of their luck when they encounter street criminals.