Mob attacks Hindu community in Mirpur Mathelo

Mob attack Hindu community
Picture of the incident via Shaan Taseer's social media page.

My Dear Brothers and Sisters

Another murderous mob has attacked another village in Pakistan. The shameful GENOCIDE of Pakistan’s minorities continues.

This time our Hindu brothers and sisters of Mirpur Mathelo district Pano Aqil Sindh have been attacked by a mob from Dargah Bharchoondi Sharif, an establishment notorious for the forcible conversion of young Hindu girls run by ex-PPP MNA Pir Abdul Haq, aka Mian Mitho.

This frenzy of religious genocide was sparked by yet another FALSE ACCUSATION of BLASPHEMY against a drug addict Amar lal, who himself was forcibly converted some time ago. What followed was the stoning of Rehrki Mandir and the death of a 15 year old boy Sateesh Kumar, and the critical wounding of another, and the kidnapping of yet another Hindu Girl, as some hideous notion of an honour reparation for the false blasphemy claim.

SSP Maqsood Bangash has met with Panchayat and has assured them security, but shops and businesses from Mirpur Mathelo to Sukkur remain shut, and people are frightened.

While our leaders, including those of the ruling party in the province, mouth vacuous condemnations of the atrocities of the Indian Army, a genocide in their own province, one that they have the power to stop, does not receive a peep. Rather than cry crocodile tears for Kashmir, should they not cry tears of blood for Jinnah’s Pakistan that is burning in Mirpur Mathelo Sindh under their watch?

Brothers and sisters, the situation is currently under control. I will keep updating with developments.

We must stand with our Hindu countrymen, if we have any regard or respect for Jinnah’s dream that is the country we live in. The absolute worst role that we can play in the face of genocide is to stay silent. Bloggers and journalists, don’t stay silent. Inbox me for details, and eye witnesses. Raise the issue, raise consciousness, stop the genocide.


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