Punjab Police arrests members of a fake company that kidnapped citizens by calling them for job interviews

Punjab Police raid
Punjab Police raid the house where the fake company kidnapped job seekers.

Punjab Police in a targeted raid has arrested a kidnapping gang involved in hundreds of abductions. The organisation operated from Lahore the capital of the province. The members acted as employers and called people for interviews. In return, they never offered a job but kidnapped the job seekers and asked for heavy ransom from their families.

The Punjab Police came to know about the gang when a family in Islamabad reported that their son went to Lahore for a Job interview but never returned. However, they did get a phone call after two days only to hear the caller demanding Rs. 15 million for the release of their son. If the demand were not met, the abductors threatened to sell body organs of the victim.

Gang member arrested
One of the gang member arrested by Punjab Police.

The timely action from the Police officials not only saved the abductee but arrested all the gang members involved in this heinous crime. The police personnel did not say much about the operation but advised the job seekers to verify the company before attending interviews.