Afghanistan-Pakistan skirmishes fuels hatred in the region

Afghan Security Forces cowardly attack on Pakistan Army.
Pakistan Amy was first fired at night when the construction of the border gate was underway.

In recent days, Pakistan is fighting a battle from all corners. India already at its throat because of the Nuclear Suppliers Group’s (NSG) bid, arresting its spy agent Yadav a few months ago and Afghanistan’s constant violation of agreements because of its close relationship with Pakistan’s arch rival. NSG is a group of nuclear supplier countries preventing nuclear reproduction by controlling the trading of materials, equipment and technology that may be used to produce nuclear weapons.

India already winning hearts at the bid is opposed by China. The long-standing neighbour that is there in thick and thin sees the move to unsettle Pakistan in the region. However, this has made India, Russia, and the US extremely furious. Suddenly from nowhere now Afghanistan also has a problem not directly with the NSG bid but on India’s command, they are ready to create hurdles for a country that is feeding its 2.8 million citizens.

In the past, Afghan President Abdullah has insisted that bilateral understandings will bind the two nations. But it continues to undermine the efforts of Pakistan that is trying to construct the Torkham Border Gate in the hopes of curbing potential movements of the militants on both sides. The gate is being built 37 kilometers inside the Pakistani territory that was previously removed in 2004 when the Pakistan funded Torkham-Jalalabad Road was constructed.

“Afghanistan must not play into the hands of the divisive and subversive agenda of India and become anti-Pakistan,” said Musharraf.

Pakistan is often targeted along its borders, northern areas, places in Balochistan province especially when it is going towards security and political stability bringing an economic upturn. Karachi, the financial hub of the country, quickly witness a series of violence while insurgency keeps rocking Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan. Recently in March Kulbhushan Yadav an Indian spy was arrested while entering Pakistan illegally from Iran. Despite video confession by Yadav, India continues to deny that it sent its former Navy Officer on a spy mission.

While things are not going the Indian way, the mischief monger quickly regrouped with its strong ally Afghanistan to put Pakistan in yet another furor. Furthermore, Pakistan is being disliked by not only India and Afghanistan but the Americans, and the Middles East stand against the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) development. It is said once the CPEC is complete it will put Pakistan’s economy to the fastest growing in the region and the development at Gwadar will make the port only the first in the world that can accommodate large ships all year round. Also, the Gwadar Port will take in all trade to and from Central Asian States because it will be the shortest available route.

Afghanistan and Pakistan have similar values, ethnic, linguistic and religious linkages and shared cultural traditions, instead of preserving and strengthen them at all cost we are dividing and becoming foes.

While a lot of progress is being made at home, we just hope that our leaders whether civil or army personnel remain loyal to the country that has the potential to be a world power. What is upsetting is that the Muslim majority countries such as Afghanistan, UAE among others are either trying to settle old scores or are just plain thinking for themselves and not collectively. Pakistan has the largest Muslim army and is a nuclear power who should be supported by its fellow Muslim nations. But unfortunately, as its own deeds are met by nations equally corrupt and/or greedy.

To Afghanistan, the Durand Line is an internationally recognised border between the two countries. By putting Afghanistan’s so-called ‘historical reservations’ as an excuse to fire is no justification. But if the Torkham border is disputed then there are forums and avenues to sort such issues. However, unprovoked firing and waging war will not do any good to either party but will only inflict more losses to your end. You may know that the Pakistan Army is one of the best in the world, and its soldiers are well equipped to give a befitting reply if anyone may want to harm its existence.

To Pakistan Amry, we know you can crush such insignificant adversaries at any time, but it would be better if we can educate them that Pakistan is the very country that has at least 2.8 million of them with 500,000 of its children studying in its schools. Each year Pakistan gives 2,000 scholarships to Afghan students, launched $500 million worth of development projects in Afghanistan, provided 45 ambulances, 9,600 temporary shelters to Afghan refugees, 50,000 free metric tonne of wheat each year and three medical facilities in Afghanistan among other aid.

But sadly all goes unnoticed. Pakistan will need a firm foreign policy that should play a stricter role towards those who spread mischief in the country and also those who support such acts. Afghanistan caught up in its own mess can never have the time to be hostile towards Pakistan something we should all recognise and know whose action they really are.