Be mad for Pakistan not for Bhutto

Demand Public Authority
The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) affirmed that overall voter turnout in the last general elections was recorded at 55.02%.

Pakistanis are sure to top the list of world’s most idiotic people. I have no words to describe the fact that we have been fooled for decades and decades by Democracy, Dictatorship and the Bureaucracy. We are a nation that has selective amnesia and no doctor in the world to cure it. Why do we not call for public accountability and make sure we get it. Every Tom Dick & Harry has been running the country and has only made us fall in the ditch we all so love.

Last year, Mohammed Ali Sheikh and Anwer Majeed were picked up by Rangers on charges unknown but one can make out why they ended up in custody. Sheikh the backbone of Faryal Talpur’s evil activities and once the front man of Owais Muzaffar Tappi is under interrogation because of theĀ illicit business handling ranging from kidnapping dealings, extortion and shaping corruption in Sindh to new heights. While Majeed, Asif Ali Zardari’s manager was picked up by Rangers due to embezzlement of billions of rupees during the Zardari government from 2008 to 2013, and rising criminal activity in Sindh.

However, all this aside the Zardari clan is enjoying vacations from Dubai to New York. What is baffling to notice is that Rangers acted as slow as a snail to catch the culprits as bigger fish of the sea was the least priority. Zardari and all his favourites started leaving the country from early 2015 till the end of the year. As soon as one new that the Army establishment is serious to save Sindh and, in particular, Karachi many did a runner. #ThankYouRaheelSharif remained a very popular hashtag on social media throughout the 2015 and had continued modestly in 2016. Talking particularly about Karachi, the Rangers first cornered the most feared party of the city MQM followed by PPP once the Karachi Operation started to become a one party operation.

The focus of the Army establishment was expected to shift today or tomorrow but no one knew the exact time. Unfortunately, what will remain as a grievance will be the fact that Rangers – either by the government or the army was not given orders on time to act because all was fixed and the game was just to neutralise the biases of the Karachi Operation. The Interior Ministry headed by Chaudhry Nisar only gave orders to raid Bilawal House after the leaders and key members of PPP escaped to Dubai. The orders were only given because of the pressure from COAS General Raheel Sharif.

Soon after the crackdown on PPP Asif Ali Zardari challenged the Army establishment and threatened the law and order of the country. However, no action was taken as PML-N is synced in complete harmony with the PPP. From Bilawal Bhutto Zardari to the PAPA, all are away from home but are running their dear family business of kidnapping, extortion and corruption comfortably from abroad. They are conveniently eating away public money with FBR not seizing their accounts but they are always harassing the business community despite the lot adhering to new tax policies.

Sharjeel Memon another culprit who had to resign from Sindh’s information ministry position last year due to corruption charges is also enjoying his sweet time in Dubai. Until the public does not wake up to demand answers to questions and make the government servants accountable for their actions, we will remain a nation that is run by fools and horses.

Let us say no to dynasty politics and stop voting on Bhutto’s name in Sindh and Sharif’s name in Punjab. Let us Demand public authority more than bureaucracy and not democracy.